Wonderful Harbors in America

If you love the sea, then you certainly like traveling by boat and visiting port cities as well. The United States has some amazing harbors where we highly recommend you go on your next vacation. Keep scrolling in order to see all these wonderful locations.

Port Townsend, Washington

We consider that this harbor deserves to be on top of our list due to the fact that it has everything that a port should have. It has all types of boats, lots of lovely restaurants where you can try plenty of delicious seafood meals, and spectacular views. This Victorian seaport still retains much of its 19th-century charm. Take a walk along Port Townsend’s center in order to enjoy all the beautiful Victorian buildings. If you don’t want to travel alone then you should think about hiring an escort. In America, you can pay escorts to come with you on vacation, in case you didn’t already know that. Many of these girls are quite lovely and charming and they will surely be a great company during your stay.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Situated on Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor is absolutely wonderful. It was actually one of the 19th-century New England’s most popular summer resorts and still is today a much-loved tourist destination. The Acadia National Park is also a highlight of this location, and it offers more than 50-square miles of stunning mountains, lakes, and coastline absolutely excellent for hiking, biking, and camping. Furthermore, plenty of boats are available for nature-spotting tours out of the town harbor and fishing trips. If you decide to visit this place, then you must explore to the fullest the rugged island community, and then stop for a drink and a delicious meal at one of the many lively bars and seafood restaurants that populate the Bar Harbor.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach was named one of the most beautiful places in the world thanks to its surreal views. Oregon’s Cannon Beach is a stunning Pacific Northwest town that boasts natural beauty as well as thriving arts scene and vibrant cultural calendar. It is located between the Oregon coast range mountains and extremely long stretches of sandy beaches. Cannon’s most popular landmark is without a doubt Haystack Rock, which is not more and not less than a 235-foot high sea stack immortalized in the classic movie, The Goonies. Here, you have the possibility to not only swim in the crystal-clear water but to also go for a relaxing trip on the ocean, as there is a wide range of ships that organize tourist-tours several times a day. We guarantee that your time spent here will be a high-quality one.

Tybee Island, Georgia

This is another wonderful harbor in America that we want to recommend to anyone who wants to experience something totally different. This small yet spectacular island is situated at just half an hour drive east of Savannah. It is without a doubt a scenic barrier island community. The entire place is home to several species such as wood stork and white ibis. Boats are available to anyone who wants to travel on the water. Furthermore, if you want and your budget allows you, then you also have the option to rent a yacht and use it for the entire stay. The sunset views from here are absolutely spectacular and you must certainly not miss them.

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